Honest Pumpernickel Bread - pilot run
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After 24 hours of baking
after 24 hours
out of the pan
loaf 1
crumb 1
crumb 2
16 hours later
cut loaf
crumb 1
crumb 2
crumb 3
There were some issues to be resolved.

The recipe (in new window) calls for double walled baking boxes to be filled with water. I did not have any, nor could I find a source or picture and if a source could be found, I think I would need to get a bakery oven to fit them in and a new house to fit the bakery oven and win the lottery to pay for that and play for the rest of my life with sourdough.
I have not yet won in the lottery.

With the long baking time, the moisture appears to be a major issue. I used baking pans covered with aluminum foil and had a large baking pan below in the oven all the time filled with water.

The recipe also calls for a drop in the baking temperature. Other few sources I was able to find, mentioned baking temperatures from 100 - 120 C (212 - 250 F), but no indication of temperature dropping or rising. What is the purpose of temperature drop or rise with this process? I have no clue at this point. For this run, I used 120 C (250 F) for 24 hours constant.

The sourdough calculation is here (in new window). After mixing/kneading for 20 minutes in a Kitchenaid mixer, I let it ferment for 3 hours, then filled in the form and let it rest for 30 minutes.

When filling the pan, the issue was how much space to leave for the oven spring because the amount of dough for the baking pan looked high. I took some dough out and filled it into a second pan.

As it turned out, the dough actually shrunk in the second half of the baking time.

During baking, I peeked under the aluminum foils and saw, that the dough dried out. So I poured some water into the baking pans to keep the bread moist.

Then, after 24 hours:
The smell was: Pumpernickel
the taste was: Pumpernickel
the color was: Pumpernickel
the crumb was: Pumpernickel on the inside, hard on the outside
the size was: 1/2 Pumpernickel

HOME->SD->Honest Pumpernickel Bread->make rye meal->pilot run->second run->cooled down ->CQA
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